Lundie’s Pick – Time Tracking:

YastLooking for a handy time tracking tool? Take a look at I wrote a couple of different reviews back in 2011 regarding the company’s use of social media, and about the product itself. Those reviews are still valid, except for the pricing. You can still use it for free for a single user with some limitations.

What I like most about Yast is the ability to keep a tab open in my browser and click the start/stop buttons to switch timers for different projects. So, when I get to work, I click open Yast in my browser and click the start button on the project I created to hold my “login, email triage, etc.” tasks and I’m off and running.

As I read through my email, if I come across a customer support email and I can take care of it quickly, I’ll switch over to the Yast tab and click the start button on the “Customer Support” project, immediately Yast closes out the previous timer and opens an entry for my current work. Yast allows you to enter notes when you start up a new timer making it super easy to log which client your working for. That’s exceptionally helpful if you need to work on multiple clients in a row. Just stop and restart the customer support project timer and note which client you’re switching to!

If you’re unable to switch the timer at the exact time you needed to – no worries! You can just drag the edges of the time blocks to make adjustment. Historical entries are easy to add, and time block specific notes can be written in after the fact as well.

Your time is summarized on screen in “today” and “week” totals, grouped by project. Super useful information, easy to access.

Lundie’s Pick – Time Tracking:

Back Office Support

Buried in Paperwork??

Are you buried in paperwork?

Do you need to clear some desk space so you can do your real work?

I can help!

Here are some of the ways that I can help you:

  • Set up processes to keep your expenses in order
  • Prepare basic financial reports to keep you aware of your income and spending
  • Complete regular (weekly, monthly, etc.) data entry and organizational tasks
  • Set up areas for record-keeping so you don’t have to think about where things go, you’ll know

If you need to get started in accounting, I can show you options of the products out there that may be a good fit for you.

If you just need someone to come make sense the stack of receipts, bank statements, and invoices on your desk, I’m available for that too.

Just send me a note, and we can talk about how I can help.

Back Office Support

Lundie’s Pick — Task Application:

Welcome to my first installment of “Lundie’s Pick”!

ToDoIstLogoI will start with my current favorite task management app: It’s clean. It’s simple. Though I don’t know for sure, I suspect it was developed using Lean/Agile Behavior Driven Development processes. Those of us who started using the app some time back were able to give feedback, and we got to see the product evolve with heavy user input.

I love it enough to pay for it, and will likely continue to do so for some time. The app is useful with easy reminders and a motivational “Karma” system to reward you for managing your tasks well. If you have a chance, give them a try!

Since this is my first blog post, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Enjoy!

Lundie’s Pick — Task Application: